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GED Tutoring Classes

ATI Students Invest in Their Future with a GED

We are excited to announce the successful GED passing of the following ATI GED Participants!

For these students, this is just the beginning of greater accomplishments to come. There is a pride and deep satisfaction in knowing that because of their hard work, they were able to achieve their goal and obtain their GED’s. On behalf of the ATI instructional staff, we congratulate them on their success!

ATI wishes to thank you for allowing us to service your GED Tutoring needs and look’s forward in sharing many additional stories of GED Accomplishments, in the following months to come! 

  • Robert Fierro
  • Cecelia Cavanaugh
  • Mrs. Mary Recendez
  • Mr. Fernando Ruiz
  • Mr. Patrick Ursua                
  • Mr. Gabriel Torres   
  • Mr. George Ramirez           
  • Mr. Ralph Perez
  • Lena Raya
  • Noelle Robinson
  • Michael Bowers
    Passed: RLA; Science; Social Studies
  • Shantye Herrera
    Passed: RLA; Science; Social Studies
  • Lillie Phillips
    Passed: RLA; Science; Social Studies
  • Gabriel Lopez
    Passed: RLA; Science; Social Studies
  • Candace McNeal
    Passed: RLA; Science; Social Studies
  • Daisy Guerra
    Passed: RLA and Social Studies
  • Anthony Ballesteros
    Passed: RLA and Social Studies
  • Rigoberto Delgado
    Passed: RLA Exam 

GEDFRuiz GEDMRecendez GEDPerezGED2

Congratulations from the staff of Advance Technical Institute! 

GED Logo

GED/ABE Tutoring
and Preparation Classes


Are you considering a GED? ATI offers a solution that will help you quickly and efficiently reach your goal! These classes are the first and most important step to obtaining your GED. We help you accurately pinpoint your academic strengths and weaknesses. Our tutors are positive, caring and highly qualified. Our tutors will get to know you, teach you, help you study 1-on-1, and keep lessons fresh and fun. We won't move forward until you completely mastered each new skill.

Combine that with the support of our student services and facilitation team and you are on your way to obtain your GED .

For more information on how you may enroll, please contact us at:

GED Training Department
382 N. Lemon Avenue
Suite 191
Walnut, CA 91789


You cannot take the GED test online. ATI does not administer state-sanctioned GED tests.

We recommend the following steps to pass the official, state-administered, GED test:


  1. Enroll in a GED Preparation course (such as this one)
  2. Purchase all recommended GED Preparation books and materials.
  3. Study all course materials
  4. Take all practice tests in the course and book materials
  5. After you have mastered all material and passed all tests, you must sign up for the state-administered GED test
  6. Take the GED test
  7. If you pass the state-administered GED test, the state will issue you a GED diploma


GED Test Introduction

The tests of General Education Development, also called the GED, are used to measure the academic knowledge acquired by persons who have not completed a high school curriculum. Some students may drop out of school while others may face certain hardships that prevent them from completing high school. Whatever the reason for not completing high school, most students discover that a high school diploma is essential for obtaining a long-term career. GED tests allow people to obtain a high school diploma by taking and passing a multi-part test.

The GED consists of five multiple-choice tests plus a timed essay test. The five subject areas covered by the GED test are Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Reading, and Mathematics. Each area covers the material that high school students learn during that particular course of study.

The GED test is created by the collaborative efforts of secondary school educators, adult educators, and subject matter experts. In order to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the GED tests, each question is scrutinized by test specialists.

In order to create a test that most accurately reflects the content students learn in high school, the GED is standardized on a regular basis. The standardizing procedure uses the test scores of a stratified random sample of graduating high school students who are tested in the spring of their senior year. The scores of these students are used as the performance standard that must be matched by students attempting the GED.

GED tests were first developed in 1942 as a means to allow World War II veterans to complete high school. According to the Digest of Education Statistics and GEDTS statistics, 1 of every 9 high school diplomas is a GED credential. Statistics also reveal that 1 out of every 20 first-year college students are GED graduates.

The GED test will be undergoing its biggest change ever quite soon. In 2014 a completeley redesigned GED exam will be unveiled, and it is expected to be much harder to pass. Rest assured that all the information on this site is up to date with the current test.

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